Aelo Qith


Name: Aelo Qith
High Concept: Curious-To-A-Fault Dashuu Psi-Doctor.
Trouble: Ever, Do No Harm.
Academy/Childhood: What is this ‘Personal Space’?
Other Character: What’s this in my pocket?
Freebie: I can’t hear you over the voices in my head.

Will -4
Empathy -3
Science -3
Diplomacy -2
Requisitions -2
Notice -2
Athletics -1
Computer Systems -1
Contacts -1
Physique -1

Stunts –
Will –
You’re Getting Very Sleepy – Can use Will to use Create an advantage action to place mental aspects on others in view of him.

Science -
Doctor Who? – Can use Science to allow players to Heal consequences. And make medical declarations and rolls.

Notice –
Think Quieter Next Time – At the start of any physical conflict that would normally
be a surprise for you, you’re entitled to make a free Notice roll to
create an advantage based on the fact that you’re not as surprised as the
enemy thinks you should be.


Aelo Qith

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