Keval Zarath


High Concept: Untrusting Andorian soldier
Trouble: Always on the move.
Academy/Childhood: Both kinds of luck.
Other Character: They’re playing both sides!
Freebie: Make the connection, even if it’s not there.

Athletics +4
Shooting +3
Notice +3
Will +2
Physique +2
Fighting +2
Empathy +1
Deceit +1
Intimidation +1
Diplomacy +1

Refresh: 2
Physical Stress: 3
Mental Stress: 3

Danger Sense.At the start of any physical conflict that would nor-mally be a surprise for you, you’re entitled to make a free Notice roll to create an advantage based on the fact that you’re not as surprised as the enemy thinks you should be.

Indomitable.+2 to Will rolls made to defend against Intimidation attacks made to deal mental stress to you.


Keval Zarath

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