ship rules

Ship Rules:

Ships have two aspects, chosen at character creation, which emphasize any unique qualities or culture a ship has. Star ships have two stress boxes in a Shields stress track, and a full set of consequences like a normal character.

Ships are divided into five skills. These skills are not rolled for actions, but instead determine the amount of actions the ship can take or improves the value of performance the ship has in an area. All actions in ship to ship combat skill use the characters skills, as it is more important who is in control of the ship, than the raw capabilities of the ship.

A beginning ship has two skills at (1), two at (2), and one at (+3).

The five skills are: Weapons, Shields, Engines, Sensors, and Hull.

For each point in weapons, a character can use their action to use the ships weapon systems in one round.

For example, The USS Supernova is in ship to ship combat with a Ter’ghan Raider. The Supernova has a Weapons skill of 2. In the first round of combat, tactical officer O’Rielly uses his Ship Beams skill to fire the ships phasers, and make an attack at the raider. Next the helmsperson T’von uses his Ship Beams skill to create an advantage, placing the aspect “Damaged their shield generators!” on the scene. Commander Scott would like to fire the weapons at the raider as well, but cannot this round, as the Supernova’s weapons systems have been used twice this round. If the Supernova has a weapons skill of 3 or high he could however.

For each point in Shields, the ship gains an extra two stress boxes on it’s shield stress track for combat.

For each point in Engines you can move one hex per day on the sector map.

For each point in Sensors you can see one hex in radius around the ship through fog of war on the sector map.

For each point in Hull, the ship has an extra minor consequence slot for combat.

ship rules

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